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LingoLITE™ will teach you 260 essential terms in 30 languages.

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What is LingoLITE™?

LingoLITE™ helps you learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages.

LingoLITE™ uses images, text, and native speaker video to help you learn vocabulary up to four times faster than any other method. LingoLITE™ uses Associative Multimedia Learning™ to help your brain associate an image with the correct word in a language without first translating it from your native language.

LingoLITE™ draws upon our library of 76,000 native speaker video clips to help you learn faster, easier, and better.

Use LingoLITE™, it's easy!

LingoLITE™ is used by tens of thousands of students young and old, travelers, global businesspeople, government agencies, and diplomatic service personnel.

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LingoLITE™ lets you:

  • See and hear native speakers pronounce hundreds of words and terms.
  • Connect images with native speaker videos with glossary terms.
  • Choose the interface language from 30 languages

Why LingoLITE™ ?

It's easier to learn a language with sight-and-sound context for the words you want to learn. With LingoLITE™, you'll see objects and situations that express vocabulary words, and you'll see and hear native speakers pronounce the words.

LingoLITE™ was inspired by Ed Hinkleman, World Trade Press CEO and publisher, who learned French in school in Massachusetts, USA, and then "on the ground" in France. A good student otherwise, Ed did poorly in classroom French, but excelled once he was living in France when he could see objects, and could hear and see the words spoken. (Yes, see the words spoken.) Even when we can't go to a country to learn the language, we can benefit from the visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning that comes from contact with native speakers.

LingoLITE™ Languages

Arabic (Egyptian)
Bahasa Indonesia
Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (American)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish (European)
Spanish (Latin American)

Who Developed LingoLITE™?

World Trade Press is a premiere digital media publisher and information provider in the areas of country culture, foreign language training, international travel, and international trade. Founded in 1993, the company has extensive experience working with educational institutions, government agencies, and global businesses. Visit us at

Who Uses LingoLITE™?

We have developed LingoLITE™ for individual students, schools, academic institutions, libraries, businesses, government agencies, and NGOs. You can inquire about enterprise licenses by writing to

What's Next for LingoLITE™?

We will be adding more interface languages and more expressions. If you have suggestions (or corrections), just drop us a line at:

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